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  1. Brie with Black Truffles 250g

Deliciously French

Deliciously French

Deliciously French have been trading from our delicatessen shop in Maidenhead since November 1999. Our ethos is traditional French food made by family run establishments many of which have existed for numerous generations (some since the 16th century) of which many have won awards but not forgetting always value for money. With regards to myself being half French and half English, my love affair for fine foods started in the mid 70s when I embarked on a catering career and over the years on my travels in France I discovered an array of talented people with great passion producing high quality food.

Nevertheless when back in this country the nearest I got to obtaining these goodies were attractive sounding names with pretty packaging, shame about the products!

My criteria is simple; non genetically modified food, good quality products which have been produced by good old fashion nature with time and expertise offering an opportunity to treat yourself to great food and wine (without the hassle or the pretentious snob value people associate with pleasure).

Best Selling Items

Brie with Black Truffles 250g

Brie with Black Truffles 250g


To some people the ultimate in being spoilt. Black truffles being one of the most expensive and delicious commodities in the world is totally justified when you taste it.
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